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Infinity Scarf

Things you will need:

I strand of worsted weight yarn
24 peg round loom(blue kk loom)
Loom hook
about 18-20 inch of Scrap yarn
Yarn needle
Crochet hook(s)

Techniques you need to know:
How to ewrap cast on in the round
How to work the figure 8 stitch
how to do a basic bind off


Ewrap cast on 24 pegs loom in the round. Then work figure 8 as long as you would like it to be. Mine was about 64 inches. Then stop peg one and take scrap yarn on needle and with it in hand run the yarn through loops on pegs 13-24. Take those loops off the pegs and place those loops on pegs 1-12. Then bring the bottom folded in half to the top place the 2 loops of the last stitches on pegs 1-12. Knit the bottom 2 loops over top 2 loops. Ewrap ewrap 1 row in a flat panel manner. Knitting the 2 loops over the top one. Binding off by using the basic bind off method. Then weaved in you stragglers. 

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