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Bonny's Figure 8 Mesh Beach Bag

Inspired by The Goodknitkisses Mesh Beach Bag. 
Things you will need:
Yellow knitter knitter 41 peg loom.
Loom hook

2 strands worsted weight yarn #4. I used medium purple and Orchard Mist
Yarn needles
Crochet hook for weaving in stragglers


Starting the bag:

Place slip knot on peg 1 and Ewrap cast on 16 pegs the first row and Ewrap knit over the 2nd row.
Start Knitting the Figure 8 stitch as a flat panel for 14 rows, click here for how
Creating the bottom of the bag:
Leave stitches that are on the pegs. Stretch the completed rows down and across, placing loops back on the empty pegs and peg 1 and peg 16. It's okay if some are double up on the sides.

Creating the sides of the bag:
Ewrap Knit 1 row in the round to connect the bottom of the bag together.
Purl 1 row,
Ewrap Knit 1 row.
Start working the figure 8 stitch in the round 22 rows, click here for the how,
Purl 1 row of Ewrap,
Ewrap Knit 5 rows,
Purl 1 row,
Bind off using the stretchy bind off and hide stragglers.

Making the Icord by using 2 pegs. Like the video here. My Icord is 44" long. You can make yours as long or short as you would like. Weave in the Icord for your handle the way you would like. I like to weave my icord in every 3 stitches and hide not behind the remaining 2 stitches.

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