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Ruff Ruff Mini Dog Sweater

I made these Ruff Ruff Mini Dog Sweater for my kids' Webkinz pets
Things you will need.

All in one sock loom 2 or the All in one loom
Loom hook
worsted weight yarn #4
Yarn needle
Crochet hook optional
Number pegs and set loom to 28 pegs. Place stitch markers at pegs 5,6,7, and 25,26, 27.


Place slip knot on peg 1. Ewrap cast on all 28 pegs in the round. knit 14 rows.
Making the brim by picking up first row of stitches and place them back on the pegs then Ewrap and knit 2 over one just the like you would do making a hat.
Knit 6 more rows in the round. 
On the 6th row knit off pegs 5,6,7, and pegs 25, 26, & 27. When you get to them, 
knit 8 rows flat panel on pegs 1-4.
Back to knitting in the round and casting on the empty pegs. Knit 20 rows. Then bind off using the super stretchy bind off. Weave in tail straggler.

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