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Small Leg Warmers

Things you will need:
Worsted weight yarn (1 strand)
24 peg loom (Round Blue KK loom)
loom hook
yarn needle (optional)
Techniques you will need to know:
How to Ewrap cast on.
How to Ewrap. 
How to purl.
How to make a brim or cuff.
How to bind off  by using the super stretchy bind off method.

(Make 2)

Ewrap Cast on all 24 pegs in the round and work rib stitch 20 rows. Pick up the bottom first stitches and put them back on the pegs. Ewrap 1 row and knit 2 loops over one. Just like making a brim on a hat. 
Ewrap Knit 45 rows.
Then go back and work the rib stitch10 rows. Bind off by using the Super stretchy bind off method.

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