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Satin Rose Split Hat

Size Toddler/Smaller Version of my Shimmer Split hat

Things you will need:
Loom hook
31 peg loom
Crochet hooks
I used 3 strands of Loops and Threads Soft and shiny pink/rose yarn.(thin #4) But other yarn will work.(like Caron yarns)
Yarn needle
Pom pom maker or cardboard to make a pom pom
Techniques you'll need to know:
Crochet cast on
Ewrap knit
Optional make a pom pom
Make icords or long tassel braids like have done for the ties.


In the flat panel manner Crochet cast on 31 pegs
Row 1 ewrap knit
Row 2 purl
Row 3 ewrap knit
Changing to rib stitch work rib stitch 8 rows.

Changing to Garter stitch
Row 1 ewrap knit
Row 2 purl
Row 3 ewrap knit
Row 4 purl
Row 5 ewrap knit
Row 6 purl
Row 7 ewrap knit
Row 8 purl
Row 9 ewrap knit
Row 10 purl
Row 11 ewrap knit

Now working in the round on the swirl stitch as I call it, where you Ewrap knit 3 pegs and purl 2 pegs repeat this pattern for 11 rows in the round. Cast off by using the draw string cast off method. Add pompoms and ties.

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