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Sea Foam Slouchy hat

Things you will need:
48 peg loom purple loom
Loom hook
One skeme of yarn, the yarn I used was Premier yarns by Deborah Norville, the Serenity chunky Weight #5 Color Ocean foam
Crochet hook
Yarn needle
Stitch markers or tape blue masking tape on pegs 4,5,6, & 10,11,12, & 16,17,18, 22,23,24, & 28,29,30, & 34,35,36 & 40,41,42, & 46,47,48. These pegs will be your purling pegs. When you work the triple rib stitch. this will help you keep track.
Row counter (optional)

Techniques you need to know:

How to crochet
How to Ewrap knit
How to purl
How to work the figure 8 stitch
How to bind off with draw string method


Crochet cast on all 48 peg in a round. Start working triple rib stitch (as in ewrap knit 3 pegs and purl 3 pegs) 12 rows for the brim

Rows 1 to 4; Work the figure 8 stitch 4 rows
Rows 5 to 8: Ewrap knit stitch 3 rows.
Repeat this pattern 3 more times.
Bind off by using the draw string cast off method.

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