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Sparkly Red Cowl

Things you will need:
48 peg purple kk loom or 48 CinDwood loom (5/8 gauge)
loom hook

I used 2 strains of Sincerely Metallic, Purl Essence everyday #4 98% Acrylic & 2% Metallic
Crochet hook
A yarn needle optional
stitch makers (placed on every on every 8th peg that's what helped me)

Techniques you will need to know:
How to crochet cast on
How to Ewrap knit
How to purl
How to bind off using the stretchy bind off


Crochet cast on all 48 pegs in the round
Row 1 Ewrap knit
Row 2 Purl
Row 3 Ewrap knit
Row 4 Purl
Row 5 Ewrap knit
Row 6 Purl
Row 7 Ewrap knit

The middle of this cowl, will be worked in the Manhole Cover stitch.It's a multiple of 8 and worked in 8 rows. I converted this from a needle knitting stitch pattern book(Knitting Stiches Visual Encyclopedia on page 23). I used the Ewraps stitch instead the of the transitional knit stitch. 
EK - Ewrap knit and P=Purl

Rows 8, (16, 24, & 32) P1. EK2. P3, Ek2, Repeat to the end the row.
Rows 9, (17, 25, & 33) P2, EK2, P1, EK2, P1, Repeat to the end the row.
Rows 10, (18. 26, & 34) P1, EK5, P2, Repeat to the end the row. 
Rows 11, (19, 27, & 35) EK5, P3, Repeat to the end the row.
Rows 12, (20, 28, & 36) EK1, P1, EK2, P3, EK1, Repeat to the end the row.
Rows 13, (21, 29, & 37) P3, EK2, P1, EK2, Repeat to the end the row.
Rows 14, (22, 30, & 38) EK1, P3, EK4, Repeat to the end the row.
Rows 15, (23, 31, & 39) EK2, P3, EK3, Repeat to the end the row.
Row 40 Ewrap knit
Row 41 Purl
Row 42 Ewrap knit
Row 43 Purl
Row 44 Ewrap knit
Row 45 Purl
Bind off by using the super stretchy bind off.

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