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Sweet Dreams Door Bumper

Things you will need:
24 peg kk loom numbered 1-24
loom hook
2 strands of Red Heart Super Saver worsted weight yarn #4 in the color Turqua
Crochet hook
A yarn needle
Decorations of some type. optional like buttons, crochet flowers, or small pompoms etc.
Stitch markers on pegs 4,5,6 and 19,20,21. Those stitiches will be bind off

Techniques you will need to know:
How to crochet cast on
How to Ewrap knit
How to purl
How to make a button hole or bind off a few pegs
How to bind off by using the super stretchy bind off


Crochet cast on 24 pegs in a flat panel manner. (starting from top down)
Row 1 Ewrap knit
Row 2 Purl
Row 3 Ewrap knit
Row 4 Purl
Row 5 Ewrap knit
Row 6 Purl
Row 7 Ewrap knit
Row 8 Purl
Row 9 is an Ewrap knit row, but you will need to bind off pegs 21, 20, &19 and then pegs 6, 5, & 4 Just like you would a button holes.
Row 10 is a purl row, but you will have to ewrap cast on pegs 4,5, & 6 and then pegs 19,20, & 21.
Row 11 Ewrap knit
Row 12 Purl
Row 13 Ewrap knit
Row 14 Purl
Row 15 Ewrap knit
Row 16 Purl
Row 17 Ewrap knit
Row 18 Purl
Bind off by using the super stretchy bind off, weave in stragglers, flip it around so crochet cast on edge is at the top, and Decorate. If you choose to.

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