January Temperature Blanket

Things you will need:
28 knitting board loom and 2 Peg Sliders (not using 2 pegs on the beginning and ending sides)
loom hook
One strand of red heart super saver yarn of the color choices below
A yarn needle (optional)
crochet hook (optional)

Techniques you will need to know:
How to Yarn Over cast on
How to Ewrap knit
How to Slip/skip Stitch
How to Change Colors
How to Super Stretchy Cast off

Starting with white place a slip knot on that first corner peg, Yarn over cast on pegs 2 to 130. leaving 2 pegs alone to be used as anchor pegs (or to remind you where to stop). Then Ewrap skip peg 130, Ewrap pegs 129 to peg 1, This would be consider row 1. If I was counting the rows. Which I won,t be. Cut the white Yarn and change yarn to day one January 1st etcetera.

Notes to remember
I Ewrap knitted 2 rows of each colors, From skipping peg one, Ewrap knitting to pegs 2 to 130. Then knitting back by slipping peg 130, Ewrap knitting to pegs 129 to peg 1. Then I change colors as needed.

January's Yarn Colors and Temperatures:

January 1st Turque/Turquoise 56*

January 2nd Windsor Blue 34*

January 3rd Delft Blue 45*

January 4th Delft Blue 47*
January 5th Delft Blue 42*
January 6th Delft Blue 44*

January 7th Dark Orchid 29*

January 8th Windsor Blue 37*
January 9th Delft Blue 41*
January 10th Windsor Blue 33*
January 11th Dark Orchid 26*
January 12th Dark Orchid 24*
January 13th Dark Orchid 27*

January 14th Windsor Blue 31*
January 15th Windsor Blue 34*
January 16th Windsor Blue 37*
January 17th Dark Orchid 25*
January 18th Windsor Blue 38*
January 19th Windsor Blue 31*
January 20th Dark Orchid 29*
January 21st Orchid 4*

January 22nd Dark Orchid 24*
January 23rd Windsor Blue 39*
January 24th Turque/Turquoise 58*
January 25th Windsor Blue 36*
January 26th Windsor Blue 31*

January 27th Delft Blue 43*
January 28th Windsor Blue 35*
January 29th Dark Orchid 28*
January 30th Dark Orchid 28*

January 31st Medium Purple 13*
Between Months 2 rows of white before starting with February. February will be in the next blog.
Yay Januray is done,

Temperature Ranges

White at the beginning, Between months, and at the ending.
Single digits or lower
10 to 19 Degrees
Med. Purple
20 to 29 Degrees
Dark Orchid
30 to 39 Degrees
Windsor Blue
40 to 49 Degrees
Delft Blue
50 to 59 Degrees
60 to 69 Degrees
Spring Green
70 to 79 Degrees
80 to 89 Degrees
Bright yellow
90 to 99 Degrees
100 Degrees and over
Red Hot
Months don't have 31 days. (As in Feb., Apr.,June, Sep., & Nov.)
Dusty Gray