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Bonny's finger-less mitts(small kids size)

Things you will need:
12 peg flower loom
loom hook
I used Bernet Tizzy yarn.

Techniques you need to know:
How to Ewrap knit
How to make a brim
How to ewrap knit in the round
How to knit in the round


E-wrap cast on in the round on all 12 pegs. Ewrap Knit 10 rows. pick up the first stitches and place them back on the pegs and make a brim
Ewrap knit 5 rows.
Then Flat panel 2 rows. Ewrap Knit peg 11 to peg 1 and peg 2 to peg 12)
Ewrap Knit in the round again 6 rows.Cast off using the reverse cast off method.

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