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Bonny's labtop cozy

Thing you will need:
50 peg long loom(long green kk)
loom hook
Crochet hooks
Yarn needle (optional)
Blue painters tape For numbering pegs 1 to 50
stitch maker (optional)
row counter (optional)
Techniques you need to know:
How to crochet cast on (in the round)
How to Ewrap 
How to purl
How to bind off stitches


Crochet cast on 50 pegs in the round.
Row 1 ewrap knit
Row 2 purl
Row 3 ewrap knit
Row 4 purl
Row 5 ewrap knit
Row 6 purl
Row 7 ewrap knit
Row 8 purl
Row 9 ewrap knit
Row 10 purl
Row 11 ewrap knit

For the handle:
Row 12 purl pegs 1 though 9, and then bind off the next 7 pegs(10 to16) and then continue purling 17 though 33, bind off pegs 7 pegs (34 to 41) and then again continue purling to the end of the row(peg 50)
Row 13 ewrap knit
Row 14 purl
Row 15 ewrap knit
Row 16 purl
Row 17 ewrap knit
Row 18 purl
Row 19 ewrap knit
Row 20 purl

For the body of the cozy:
Ewrap knit 85 rows in your choice of colors. I broke it down to 3 colors. You can do what works for you.

Closing up the cozy;
Take the loop off of the peg 1 and put it on peg 50, take the loop off 2 and place it on peg 49 continue doing this until you get to the end of the loom. (loop 25 should be in peg 26 and pegs 26 to 50 should have 2 loops.) Ewrap in a flat panel manner Ewrap peg 49 to 26 going back down the loom, knit the 2 bottom loops over the top one. 

Start binding off using the bind off  basic method. What I should have done was bind off with the super stretchy bind off.
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