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Bonny's slouchy hat

Things you will need:
41 peg loom (yellow round KK loom)
loom hook
Loin Brand Homespun yarn #6 or something close to it will work. (This Yarn possible bulky #6. This yarn is from one those end of mill 1lb. bags and it's like a homespun #6 compared to other yarn I have used in my opinion.)
yarn needle
crochet hooks (That fits the yarn you are using)
stitch maker (optional)
row counter (optional)
Techniques you will need to know:
How to do a drawstring cast on
How to Ewrap knit
How to work the figure 8 stitch
How to purl
How to work a triple rib stitch
How to crochet chain (a little)


Starting the hat:
The normal drawstring method cast on all 41 pegs in the round. (If you want a smoother drawstring cast on then follow changed pattern directions below,)
Row 1 Ewrap knit
Rows 2-16 work the figure 8 stitch (15 rows) and you can close the drawstring hole at about row 8 or 9 or close it at the end of your hat.
now working the brim
Rows 17-28 work the triple rib stitch 12 rows. (Starting purl stitches 3 pegs and then Ewrap knit stitches 3. You will only have 2 ewrap knits stitches on the last 2 pegs on the row)

Ending the hat:
I used crochet hook (a 5mm or 5.5mm) to bind off with 3 stitches in between each pegs. (Kinda like this video here)
By picking up the last loop (where the yarn is still attached) and placing that last loop on the crochet hooked, then chain 3 and then pick up the next loop chain that loop and the chain 3 repeat this until to where you started. slip stitch into the first loop you started picking up, cut  the yarn leaving about 4-5 inch and pull yarn straggle through the last loop on the hook, then weave in the tail and wear,

Directions for a smoother drawstring cast on top:
Instead of weaving the the yarn through every other peg (like you normally do for a drawstring cast on). I skipped 3 pegs between for the first row of the drawstring cast on and then the 2nd row skipped the every other peg (like your suppose to do Normally) and then I knitted every with 2 stitches on them. Then I laid the yarn over the pegs and knitted all the pegs with 2 stitches. Then I started row 1.
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